Google Glass

Google is pushing out their monthly update for Glass Explorer kits. This month’s update brings new features such has HDR (High Dynamic Range), improved low-light photos and captions.

Google’s commitment to their ambitious Glass project is absolute. At Google I/O last month, the company announced that their team of developers will release monthly updates to add features to Glass as well as improve usability, based on Explorer kit users. A new software (XE6) is seeding for those using the Explorer kits and it contains a bunch of improvements and fixes.

Have a look at the camera samples before and after (with HDR and improved low-light) the update:

The XE6 software update brings the following new features:

  • HDR
  • Improved low-light photography
  • Captions

Google has provided us with some images comparing captures using Glass before and after the update. We have to agree, the update does make some significant improvements to the camera.

A new option allows to caption your photo before sharing it. The function is really simple to use, just tap and talk your caption out. Google also mentions other minor improvements here and there with the XE6 update.

Check out the Project Glass Google+ page for more info and camera samples.


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