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Google Glass: One day battery life, 12GB of space, bone conduction sound, and a carry pouch

Not everyone is convinced that Google’s Glass will be a trend setter.  So while its viability is in question, from a gizmo and gadget lover’s point of view the Glass is a cool toy that will get the adrenaline pumping—even if just for the first few hours.

The Google eyewear’s software will be called Glassware, and images displayed in front of the wearer will come from a square-ish component that sits right above the eye.  Google claims that the projection component is an “equivalent of a 25-inch HD screen from 8 feet away.”  The Glass can also take 5MP photos and record 720p videos.  It also comes with 16GB of internal storage, although only 12GB will be useable.  For sound, the Glass will feature bone conduction technology, which is extremely cool considering how limited the speakers and headphones industry is.

(Don't I look like a million bucks?  Oh wait, I'm worth way more than that!)

According to Google, under normal use, the Glass can run for a whole day, but if users decide to have prolonged Hangouts and video recording the battery will probably run dry within a few hours.  Google will include a micro USB cable and charger—as it should—for people to recharge their Glasses should they begin to die.  Also, a nifty pouch will be included to provide some protection for the Glass.

What the Glass can do in terms of augmented reality is exciting, but on the fashion-end of things it doesn’t seem too trendy at the moment.

This should be a given, but Google is warning people to keep their Glasses away from liquid as any excessive immersion may be corrosive to the electronic components.

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