No matter how many sleepless nights Google has over Samsung's absolute dominance in the Android ecosystem, they simply cannot stay away from involving the South Korean manufacturer in its projects.

It is a well established fact that Samsung is a dominant force in the Android ecosystem, perhaps a bit too dominant. The growing popularity of Samsung smartphones and people's association of the Android powered Samsung handsets with the brand name Galaxy instead of Google worries the company. Samsung has differentiated its smartphones with the complete makeover they apply over stock Android, namely TouchWIZ. In recent times the Korean giant also worked hard on replacing almost all of the many exclusive goodies that Android provides with its own alternatives, such as S-Voice (which can also be seen as Samsung's answer to Apple Siri).

Despite reservations, Google has yet again entered into an alliance with Samsung which will see the latter manufacturing OLED displays for the consumer version of Google Glass. Korea Times reports that this is “a really big thing because it means that Google shares confidential information with Samsung on its future projects.” Whatever anxieties Google has with Samsung isn't that big an issue yet. Perhaps that scenario will change with the launch of Samsung's Tizen platform (and switch their phablets to them)? 

Source: Korea Times


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