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Google Hangouts, the multiplatform messaging service is available now

Google has officially announced and released their own multiplatform messaging service called Hangouts.  It's available on iOS, Android, through Gmail, and even as a Chrome extension.

Google Hangouts has finally been released.  It’s Google’s new multiplatform messaging service that has been rumored for quite some time. It allows for sharing of files, has emoji support, sync across your devices, and more.

This can be downloaded right now on iOS, Android, and even as a Chrome add-on for all computers running the browser. You’ll also be able to use it within gmail once the upgrade is rolled out to you. All the versions are available for download here, which is also where you’ll find details about the rest of the features that Google has included in this new service. If you'd rather watch than read about all the wonderful things you can do using Hangouts, feel free to watch the promo video below which comes straight from Google.

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