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Google is working on Android 4.3, another Jelly Bean update

Key Lime Pie—Google’s successor to Jelly Bean—is highly anticipated by many Android users, but before we all get a piece of Key Lime Pie, Google is going to toss at us Android 4.3 (yet another Jelly Bean update).

Any and all updates, especially for Android users, are welcomed as the tweaks and bug fixes contribute to a handset’s overall stability.  Google’s I/O event is in just a couple weeks, and many are hoping that Google will deliver some new hardware as well as the new Android OS.  According to Androidpolice, Google is working on Android, and will deliver another version of the popular mobile platform.  It won’t be Key Lime Pie, however, but rather an update to the existing Jelly Bean—or Android 4.3.

The next JB build is called “Android 4.3 JWR23B”, which was spotted on a server log by a user.  We’re expecting Key Lime Pie to be numerically labeled as 5.X, so the 4.3 designation by Google is perhaps an update to JB.  There are no concrete evidences to suggest that Android 4.3 actually exists, so we’re going to let this bit of Android wind go wherever it wants.  If Android 4.3 is indeed the works and will be released, expect official Google devices like the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 to be the first to get the updates.

Again, Google I/O is only a few weeks away, so let’s hope that Key Lime Pie will be the focus and not a Jelly Bean update.

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