google delivery Google launches delivery service

Google is doing a trial-run for yet another one of their ever expanding list of services. This time, it's a same day delivery service.

Google always seems to be willing to try something new and innovative, and this time, it’s a delivery service. The Google Shopping Express service, which was unveiled today, is an attempt to create a same-day delivery service for a multitude of retailers.

It’s in its infancy, and thus limited to the San Francisco bay area in order to do a trial run without overcomitting to the project, and while retaining a small enough size to adjust it easily for various problems Google may encounter.


 Google launches delivery service

This nice looking chap might show up on your doorstep soon


Google is partnering up with a number of major retailers, including Toys’R’Us, Target, Staples and Walgreens for the service, and is offering six months of free delivery to early testers. A long term pricing plan has yet to be determined.


Unfortunately, even if you happen to live in the bay area, the service will only be available to a “small number of people”, so you might not get to try it. But Google’s Shopping Express site is taking signups, so head over there if you’re qualified.