Google’s data download tool for Gmail and Google Calendar is being rolled out to users across the globe.


You can now download your Gmail and Google Calendar data, thanks to a download utility that Google is rolling out to users. The data can be downloaded by going into the Google Accounts page, and clicking on the “Download your data” link. Along with Gmail and Calendar data, Google is also allowing using a single archive which contains user data across all Google services like YouTube, Google+, Drive and more.


The Gmail data is saved in the MBOX format, which should make it easier if you’re looking to use email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. You can download your data a maximum of three times a day and seven times a week. Google Calendar data is stored in the iCalendar format. The utility to download Calendar data is going live for all Gmail users today, with the Gmail downloading feature set to be rolled out within a month.

It was unveiled by Microsoft earlier this month that it has been talking with other email providers to facilitate data transfer across email services. This move has been one of many that Microsoft is undertaking following the NSA surveillance backlash.

Source: Gmail Official Blog