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Google looks to fight Apple in their own backyard with OpenInChrome

After successfully overhauling the other web browsers in terms of market share, Google has now set its sights on the final frontier – breaking Safari's stranglehold of the Apple mobile iOS ecosystem.

The search giant is working on a new API Class for their popular Chrome browser that might not sit tight with the folks at Cupertino. Titled OpenInChromeController, this new method adds a tiny new feature that literally looks like an act of war on Apple's own Safari browser, in their very own iOS operating system.

Google has been working hard on creating their own mini-ecosystem inside Apple's iOS with their quality and polished apps (remember Maps before iOS6?). The most recent feature adding to the cause is the launch of Google's Android exclusive (up until now) Google Now voice recognition and search feature on iOS (ouch Siri). 

OpenInChromeController allows developers to integrate links within their apps to "Open In Chrome" and a "Back" button to go back to the said app, bypassing the iOS home screen. Handy eh? Currently whenever an external link is selected, a list of all installed browsers pop up allowing you to choose between them (or it simply opens the default browser selected by you).

This new API is part of Google's continued efforts to penetrate the iOS ecosystem and flood it with it's own apps (and make them popular too). Currently Chrome is the second most popular for iOS devices, but that is hardly enough for Google (who are used to being No.1 at what they do).

Source: Chromium Blog & TheInquirer

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