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Google Mine to allow sharing real goods with Google+ friends

Google is reportedly working on a new service dubbed Google Mine that will allow users to share real-world goods with friends.

Google Mine bazaar

Search giant Google is always up to something, and the latest reports point towards a new W.I.P service dubbed Google Mine. ‘Mine’ will reportedly allow users to share or lend tangible goods with their Google+ friends. While this service sounds suitable for the generous few who are big on donating old goods, we don’t really know if the mass public will benefit in any way from this service, currently under internal testing. Interestingly, there’s already an Android app for the service in Google’s internal market called the Bazaar.

Google Mine

Much like many other initiatives by Google, this one too might never leave the campus. That the service will actually ever be released to the public is in question. We feel that Google Mine, or whatever they call it, won’t help the company in any way, and will cater to a very select few from the massive Google+ user base. Circumstances speak for themselves, it is unlikely that Mine will ever see the light of day outside its cocoon (of internal testing).

Source: Google OS Blog via TechCrunch

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