Google has partnered with educational charity site DonorsChoose to offer teachers $99 Chromebooks, until December 21st.

While tech companies in the United States throw up advertisements galore, thrashing desperately for grabs at the wallets of holiday consumers, Google has quietly found a more generous way to celebrate Christmas, the annual season of giving.

Google's Rajen Sheth revealed in a blog post that Google will be offering Chromebooks to teachers at $99 apiece, a fraction of the regular price tag, starting at $430. While the hardware in question might not impress such PC power users as gamers and artists, it is certainly an incredibly useful tool for education. This is evidenced by the fact that for years – and in some cases, even now – simple PCs running versions of Windows from the 1990s have been used many times over as a regular part of children's education, in home and public schooling alike.


As such, the offer seems like a great way for Google to provide support for teachers, and simultaneously get Google notebooks into schools around the states. Obviously, Windows based computers have always dominated the personal computer market at large. It certainly isn't an easy task to compete with such a well-established monster, but at the chance of purchasing a computer for $99, it's hard for even the biggest tech giant to compete.

Teachers cannot purchase the $99 notebooks directly from Google, however. If they wish to purchase one on the discount, they must place a request through DonorsChoose, the educational charity website with which Google has partnered. Using a “crowd-sourced” platform, notebooks will be sent out as soon as they are funded by various donors.

Those who wish to participate will have to hurry, as the offer ends on the 21st of December.

Source: arstechnica via Google Chrome Blog