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Google partnering with Asus for second-gen Nexus 10? Rumors say yes

So the Nexus 5 is to be co-manufactured by Motorola (or shall we say manufactured by Google alone?), the next-gen N7… is a long way down the road and the follow-up to the first ever Nexus 10 will be built by Asus.


Wait, what? Asus is making the N10-2?!? But I reckoned Samsung was bound to get a repeat. Everybody thought so, only Russell Holly with Geek.com is now debunking every single existing rumor claiming that Asus will get another big vote of confidence from Big G.

Holly is the same guy that broke the news about a Google edition Samsung Galaxy S4 before everyone else, so, while I wouldn’t say the new info is set in stone, it’s pretty trustworthy. But again, where does that leave Samsung? And shouldn’t this piss off an array of Android OEMs jealous of the very tight relationship between Google and Asus?

First things first, let’s get something straight really quick. Unlike its little brothers, the Nexus 10 is not that big of a deal. Yeah, the first-gen is probably the best 10-inch Android tablet ever made, but that doesn’t say a lot.


In fact, we’re not even sure the slate has been sold in a million units yet. Worldwide. In nine full months. And regardless of who’s to be the follow-up’s maker, there are slim chances of seeing a significant shift in popularity. Why? Because hardware is not the problem, software is.

With all that in mind, Google might be trying to simply sweeten the imminent departure from Asus’ services. It’s unlikely the third N7 will be co-branded by the Taiwanese company, so look at this as a farewell gift. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s focus a second on Nexus 10 2’s specs, features, pricing and availability. Just a second, because we know far too little to speculate. In fact, we only know A, it’s coming this year, B, probably in October, C, packing a Snapdragon processor (fingers crossed for 800) and 2,560 x 1,600 pix res display, and D, likely starting at $400. Any takers?

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