You may begin seeing more ads from Google while surfing the web even if you have Adblock Plus installed, because apparently Google is paying Eyeo to have the search company’s ads placed on the “whitelist”.


Google generates a lot of its revenue through advertisement, and Adblock Plus only serves to inhibit the search giant from making more money.  To mitigate the problem generated by Adblock, it has been reported that Google is now paying Eyeo—the company behind Adblock Plus—to have ads coming from Google placed on the whitelist.

The amount that Google is paying Eyeo to have itself placed on the whitelist is unknown, but chances are Google has a lot more to gain out of this than Eyeo.  Adblock Plus is a free extension for Chrome and Firefox, and according to Eyeo it takes a lot of work to maintain the popular plugin.

“Managing this list requires significant amount of effort on our side and this task cannot be completely taken over by volunteers,” according to Eyeo’s FAQ on acceptable ads.

Adblock Plus’ Acceptable Ads whitelist has been in place for quite a while now, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that companies seeking to be on Eyeo’s good side need to come with checks in-hand.

It’s unclear, at the moment, if any other major advertising companies are pursuing the same course as Google.

via the verge