Finally, Google Play Music for iOS has been released almost after six months of the streaming service being made available on Android and the web.


The user interface of the app is very much in line with that of iOS 7, which makes the app blend in with Apple’s new operating system perfectly. The feature set is also similar to its Android counterpart, so if you’ve Google Play Music on Android, you won’t find the iOS version to be a challenge. The free version of the Google Play Music service lets users stream songs from the 20,000 they’re allowed to store for free on Google’s cloud. However, the app shows its true power once the user subscribers for the All Access plan, which costs $9.99 per month.

The Google Play Music All Access plan lets users access Google’s music catalog, which now contains more than 20 million songs. Users will also get the ability to create custom ad-free radio stations. Through the Explore tab, users can obtain suggestions from the app based on their listening history, as well as from playlists created by human curators. There’s one caveat though, users can’t subscribe to All Access through their iOS device and they can’t purchase music through the app as they can do on Android.

Google Play Music for iOS is available as a free download from the App Store.