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Google selects Gladstone, Missouri as the next city to receive Google Fiber

Yesterday, Google announced the next city to receive their high speed fiber internet service. This time, it's Gladstone, a suburb of Kansas City.

Gladstone, Missouri is the next city to receive Google's Fiber high speed internet service. There's no estimate for when the service will be available however, and Google stated that “it will be some time before we can hook up our Gladstone customers.” Before connecting the Kansas City suburb, Google needs to plan, engineer and build the necessary infrastructure to support Fiber. Gladstone held a meeting yesterday in the City Manager's office to finalize the agreement and confirm to the citizens that the project will go through. The city council had the following section on its agenda:

FIRST READING BILL NO. 13-17 authorizing Google Fiber Missouri, LLC to operate within the right of ways of the City of Gladstone to construct, install, and operate video service, and to authorize the City Manager to execute agreements therewith.


Google waited until after the council decision before making the announcement. The Internet company has been spreading its Fiber service like wildfire: Five days ago, Grandview, Missouri joined the project in a similar manner, and five days before that, Shawnee, Kansas joined up as well. These cities all have an important thing in common: They're close to Kansas City, the first Fiber city. This means it will be easy to get the technology assembled.


The highlighted regions have Fiber available

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