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Google set to launch the Android Silver program, might axe the Nexus line entirely

Google is said to be undertaking a new mobile strategy which sees the search giant axing the Nexus line in favor of a new Android Silver initiative.


Earlier this month, slides unearthed by Android Police mentioned that Google was working on a new Android Silver program that is aimed at showcasing high-end Android handsets at all carrier stores. A section of all carrier stores would feature an Android Silver section, through which consumers can better experience Android devices.

Through this program, Google is trying to gain a modicum of control over the Android ecosystem. Until now, carriers and handset manufacturers have had free reign as far as software customization is concerned, but it looks like that may not be the case in the future. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Google was in talks with Samsung over limiting the amount of customization offered by the South Korean manufacturer on its Galaxy series of handsets. The result is evident on the Galaxy S5, which does not feature as many gimmicky software features as its predecessor.

With the Android Silver program, Google will limit the amount of customization that carriers and offer services to new customers that allow them to transfer their data from an existing handset to their new device. In addition, Google will offer better after-sales service directly to consumers in the form of a live video chat, much like Amazon does with its Mayday service.

According to The Information, the introduction of the Android Silver program would mean the end of the Nexus line. The site claims that Google will be offering a wider range of devices and services under the Android Silver umbrella, and will work with handset vendors in offering devices at subsidised costs. In addition, Google will also lend its assistance to manufacturers so that they can inculcate features like waterproofing and voice recognition in their handsets.

Instead of offering one Nexus device, Google is looking to make available a wider selection of devices to consumers. The main goal behind this program is to offer a consistent user experience to end users. Devices in this program will likely feature an unadulterated version of Android, with a user experience similar to that of current Google Play Edition handsets.

To achieve this, Google is said to be aggressively marketing the Android Silver program to both carriers and handset vendors. LG and Motorola are claimed to be on board, with first devices set to launch sometime next year. Other handset vendors’ participation in this venture is an unknown at this stage as they are heavily invested in making their own Android skins.

Source: The Information

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