It seems like Google, too, has a vague concept for its own smartwatch, as evident by a recent patent filing.

Much of the company’s hardware development has been associated with Glass, but the search giant probably doesn’t want to be left behind.  Many big tech brands such as Apple and Samsung are hard at work baking either a smartwatch that’s an add-on to smartphones or a smartphone replacement. 

According to the patent filing, Google is trying to patent some of the functionalities that we have come to associate smartwatches with.  These functions included wireless transceiver, display, as well as processor.  A key function, though, is the watch’s two touchpads—one on each side of the bezel, which are purported to enable “pinch, stretch and scroll on a platform with limited space available for user input.”

Google has invested heavily in Project Glass, and is unlikely to suddenly switch gear and change over to the smartwatch wave.  Regardless, we knew that eventually there would be some sort of official confirmations as to what the Mountain View company was going to do regarding a smartwatch, and the recent patent request gave us just that.