South Korean regulators has raided Google office and from news reports, the reasons weren't clear. However, the country's top two Internet companies have filed complaints with the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) in April, accusing Google of stifling competition in the local mobile phone search market.

According to online sources, South Korean anti-trust regulators have carried out a raid on Google's offices in Seoul. While the reasons aren't clear at press time, it is likely due to anti-competitive practices in the use of Android operating system. Apparently, the country's  top two Internet companies, NHN Corp. and Daum Communications Corp, have filed complaints with the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) that the search engine giant is stifling competition in the local mobile phone search market in April this year. Both companies said that Google has exploited its position as the Android OS have the Google Search function preinstalled on the local smartphones, and this limited the access of local search engines. Google has denied that handset makers manufacturing Android smartphones are required to use Google Search.

Source: AFP