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Google tests out Cosmic Panda for YouTube

Do the words "Cosmic Panda" mean anything to you? Well, that is apparently the name for a new user theme Google has introduced for its YouTube online video streaming service, which reportedly claims to be capable of providing users with "a new experience for watching videos and playlists" among many other advantages which the old YouTube layout is not able to achieve. So what is so special about this new interface, and how does it look like? Hit up the link to find out more after the break…

With the sequel to Kung Fu Panda having been aired in cinemas all over the world just recently, you might be tempted to think that Cosmic Panda has got to be the code name for a yet-unannounced sequel to the Kung Fu Panda series of animated movies. Unfortunately, as much as we'd hate to disappoint you, Cosmic Panda is not a third release to Pixar's bestselling animated flim; rather, it is the name of a new YouTube interface which is reportedly capable of providing users with "a new experience for watching videos and playlists".

Choosing to activate Cosmic Panda results in YouTube ditching the typical white background for one of a dark grey hue. However, this only applies to certain pages; for the most part, the main homepage still retains much of the familiar layout most users have come to know and love.

The most significant change users can expect to see under the Cosmic Panda layout will be that of the video playback page, which has been given a completely new look, as shown in the screenshot below:

Interested? Well, you can always give Cosmic Panda a spin over at this link if you are game enough to play around with a new user interface. Of course, with Cosmic Panda currently being nothing more than an experiment of sorts, chances are that you may run into certain show-stopping bugs or regressions, so do make sure you report those to Google via the Feedback tab that is prominently displayed in YouTube should you decide to play round with Cosmic Panda.

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