Google is demanding that Microsoft remove its newly launched YouTube app for Windows Phone on the basis that the Redmond-based company did not abide by Google’s API terms of usage.

The cease and desist letter requests that Microsoft remove the YouTube app by May 22, with the key complaint being that the Microsoft-developed YouTube app does not show ads inside the YouTube videos.  According to Microsoft, the Windows Phone YouTube app was developed by Microsoft without any of Google’s input.

Both Google and Microsoft are competing in the mobile space, and access to YouTube on Windows Phone and Android are essential to both the platform’s survival and growth.  Google wants to maintain its dominance in mobility through Android, but for services like YouTube it goes without saying that the search giant wants to monetize on the popular VoD services through as many platforms as possible.

Microsoft hasn’t issued a statement regarding the cease and desist request from Google.  Of course we’re expecting Microsoft to comply or make the necessary changes to keep both its own Windows Phone users and Google happy.

Source: theverge