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Google to add image stabilization to video calls on Google Talk?

There is nothing more nauseating than viewing a short video clip that looked as though it was filmed by someone who has a severe case of Parkinson's disease, and this is even more so when one is communicating through others via video chat on a mobile computing device such as a smartphone or tablet device. And leave it to Google to attempt a solution to the problem by reportedly planning to include image stabilization technology into future versions of Google Talk.

Video calls are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family members; unfortunately, the experience can all-too-easily be ruined by either party failing to have a steady grip on the device that is currently being used to make the video call, which results in what is supposed to be a heartwarming conversation quickly becoming a nauseating experience.

Fortunately, it appears that Google is taking steps to ensure that video calls made via its Google Talk service do not suffer such undesirable outcomes, for word has it that the search giant is planning to implement some form of images stabilization technology into future versions of its online telephony service.

Details about the new image stabilization technology are scarce, but what we do know from various online reports is that the technology will be developed by a company known as SRI International, which some people may remember as the party that was responsible for designing the computer mouse that virtually every single PC user simply cannot live without today. SRI International claims that its technology will be able to benefit users who frequently make use of video calls in two ways, namely in terms of user comfort and the device's video processing algorithms:

By stabilizing the video, SRI's software compensates for scene motion and allows the video compression algorithm to improve image quality by using fewer bits to encode the video. There is increased mobile device efficiency when an image is stabilized before compression, and there is less work for a device's video compression engine to perform.

Sounds interesting? Well, hang on to your horses for now: while there is no denying that the inclusion of such a feature will be greatly welcomed by many users engage in video calls while on the move, it seems that not all Android-powered devices will be blessed with support for SRI's image stabilization technology. at least during the initial rollout. This is because word has it that the feature will only be available to tablets running off version 3.0 or later of the Android operating system, although it seems that many are hopeful that Google will eventually find a way to have the feature trickle downstream to older versions of Android.

Source: Electronista

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