Google Ebooks

Looks like Google is geared up to launch its e-book store. From various news reports, the search engine giant has managed to get almost all the permission to start the store and this could make it the most dominant electronic bookseller to Amazon and Apple.

According to reports, Google has gotten the support of almost every publisher in the United States. and the store could launch as early as end June this year. The move could well rival against Amazon and Apple whereby both are in the electronic book market. And Apple has also recently launch their iPad tablet computer that can be used for web browsing, media consumption as well as display books and other ePub-format content downloaded from their iBookstore.

The Google Editions Bookstore has signed over 25,000 authors and publishers which add up to more than four million books, about four times as many as the Amazon Kindle store.

On top of that, with the recent announcement of the partnership between Google and Verizon to develop a new tablet device, this means a fierce fight is going to erupt in the electronic book market.

Source: Yahoo! News