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Google to offer free and unlimited music streaming

According to some recent reports, Google is looking to create their very own music streaming service. The new service will supposedly offer unlimited streaming and may come with an advert free subscription service as well. 

While not as popular as Apple, Google does currently offer their own music download service in the U.S. and parts of Europe.  Now they want to expand their music offerings by creating a real music streaming service that would be free and similar to Spotify

Reports have suggested that the new streaming service would be advertisement supported.  There has also been word that Google may offer an ad-free version for a subscription fee, but no word on how much it may run.

This recent idea comes as Google began looking to create their own subscription service for YouTube, which is owned by Google and the Internet’s most popular video site and streaming service. 

In 2011 Google launched Google Music, which allows users to download music.  In May of that same year Google launched their online cloud storage service, which gave their users the means to store and stream their saved music as well. 

This latest streaming idea from Google is just another major endeavor the company has been looking into to diversify their profit sources.  Currently most of Google’s money is made from straight advertisements from their popular search engine. 

Google has not mentioned anything about the music deal they are trying to make on their official blogs; however, some reports are saying they are working out contracts with major music labels.  Also, there has not been any word if the streaming service will be strictly confined to the U.S. or offered globally.

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