The verdict in the lawsuit between Oracle and Google on patent infringement is in!

Today, the jury in the case between Oracle and Google handed down a big victory for the Mountain View search giant, ruling that Google did not infringe on any of Oracle’s patents with the development of the Android mobile operating system. Google released a statement saying that the victory was “not just for Google, but the entire Android ecosystem.”

Oracle originally filed suit against Google, claiming that Google had infringed on their patents while developing the wildly popular Android mobile operating system. Oracle was seeking damages from the search giant in the neighborhood of $6 billion. Over the course of the case, it was revealed that, among the millions of lines of code in the Android system, only 9 lines violated Oracle’s copyrights. Google admitted to copying those lines early in development, and had long since removed them from the code. Oracle was then forced to admit that those 9 lines of code had no monetary value whatsoever, meaning that Oracle couldn’t collect anything from Google as far as damages.