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Google wants to know what you love with new service

Everybody knows that Google wants to help users make the most out of their time spent on utilizing its search engine to get to the information they need in the shortest amount of time possible, but it seems that the search giant may have outdone itself this time. Apparently, the company is in the midst of trying out a new service which is supposedly capable of allowing consumers to retrieve a wide range of results in a single page through a single query. And it even has an interesting name to boot, too.

Even though most people make use of Google's online searching services on a daily basis, we often find ourselves being completely unaware about any plans the search giant may have that could potentially assist users in further reducing the time needed to sort through the huge number of results that usually get returned every time a query is made. However, it seems that Google is fully aware that its services could use a little more work, for we have received word from various online sources that the company is reportedly trying out a certain new service that is capable of doing just that, while trying to appear a little more personal in the process. Of course, to get the most out of this service, you will probably have to let Google know what you love:

Jokes aside, Google's new search service, which is known as "What do you love?", is seemingly designed around the idea that the typical user is most likely to utilize  simple, one-word queries for their searching needs, and that sorting through various text links that claims to contain the information sought after is not the most efficient of ways to get quick answers. And from the looks of it, What do you love? aims to tackle that problem by compiling its search results from its various services such as text links, image search, trends, videos, books and even email services, into a single page which is then presented to the user, such as the one we received when our curiosity got the better of us:

Looks great, does it not? Well, as nice as the presentation may seem, it is also clear that What do you love? comes with some flaw, chief of which is the fact that the service does not really seem to like it when users request for specific or detailed queries. Rather, it seems that the best way to obtain results from What do you love? is to keep your search string as simple and broad as possible, and this brings us back to the point we described earlier, where users are most likely to input one-word queries for their searching needs. Even then, it seems that certain one-word queries can be narrow enough to confuse the service; our example above had Google complaining about how "Android" is not simple enough for it to turn up any information under the "Buy" panel.

Still, we cannot help but admit that this is an interesting effort by Google to make online searching more convenient: by leveraging all its existing services to provide the best possible results in a single page, users can potentially spend more time actually working with the relevant information as opposed to having to sieve through the likes of thousands of possible results through seperate Google services. To top it off, the results page is also remarkably well-designed, which makes browsing through the results a snap.

 Last but not least, we were rather tickled to see Google utilize a heart as the button for the search field. Don't worry Google, we love you too.

Source: Twitter via TechCrunch

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