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Google wants you to use better passwords


People tend to have bad passwords, and Google wants to help the world fix that problem. They’ve released a PSA on how to make a good password.

Google has given out tips for how to make a good password in the past, but they feel its time for a reminder. The company has issued a public service announcement on what you can do to make your password as secure as possible. The company stresses that you should vary your passwords, using a different one for each “important” account, and that includes email, online banking, and Facebook. Those three in particular are a goldmine for identity thieves, and if you keep the same password for all three services, well, the identity thief will have your entire life in their hands.

Google advises you to use longer passwords, or even phrases, and obviously advise against passwords like “password” and “12345”. Once you have your word or phrase of choice, switch out a few letters for numbers, capital letters or even symbols. The idea is for the password to be easy to remember, yet difficult to guess, and adding a symbol or two will definitely aid in that. Google also tips you to use a password manager if you have trouble remembering: It’s better to have a complex password saved in a place where you can get to it, rather then to use something an idiot would have on his luggage.

Check out the PSA here

Via VentureBeat

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