Google maps

If you are a map developer who utilizes Google Maps API for your site, it seems that the search engine giant Google is planning to charge map developers a small fee for the usage of their service, beginning next  year.

Starting next year, Google will charge US$4 for every 1,000 map loads on sites where traffic exceeds 25,000 map loads per day. According to the company, the new fees are intended to make sure Google Maps remains free for small developers. Small sites will remain unaffected since the Google Maps API will still be free for the first 25,000 views per day. However, for the big boys, they can choose to pay US$10,000+ for a Google Maps API Premier licence, which offers unlimited access, more advanced geocoding tools, tech support, and control over any advertising shown on the site. Or they can always use OpenStreetMap, which is free and, in many parts of the world, much more detailed than Google Maps.

Source: webmonkey