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Google will end $25 promo on Nexus 7 purchases

It's hard to look away from a "promotional" offer such as a mail in rebate, even if the process sometimes become more of a burden than a benefit.  It's not a rebate, but Google's $25 credit with every Nexus 7 promo pitch will end September 30 (just so you know).

In this economy, every penny, yuan, euro, or whatever currency you’re using is definitely worth having.  Twenty five bucks will get you a few useful apps, games, music albums, and ebooks.

Some of us may prefer the $25 in the form of cold hard cash, or heck, just take off $25 from the tablet itself.  Okay, it probably doesn’t make any sense for Google give people a $25 discount off the already affordable Nexus 7, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

People who are considering a Nexus 7 and put in an order before September 30 will be credited with $25 for purchases from the Google Play store. 

Check out the terms and conditions here.

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