The device would still cost $1500 and will only be available on April 15.


Google has confirmed that it will extend its Explorer Program, which means that anyone can buy Google Glass. The device that is available would still be an Explorer Edition and not the final consumer version, and will cost $1500. The promotion is valid for all US residents and Google has stated that it would bundle in a free sunglass shade or the prescription glass frame with all orders.

The initiative is likely an effort to clear the inventory of the Explorer Edition variants of Google Glass before the consumer version debuts later this year. The search giant might also be looking to gain feedback from a wider audience. The device itself has seen many functionality tweaks that allow consumers to access much more information.

It is unclear as to how much the retail version would cost, but that may be irrelevant as a survey by Toluna found that 72 percent of Americans would not buy Google Glass over privacy concerns. Google had to make a guide detailing best behaviour wearing Google Glass and suggested that users refrain from being “Glassholes.” The limited batch of Google Glass devices that are out in the wild have been subject to a lot of controversy, so this is an issue that Google needs to fix before the commercial version makes its debut.

Those interested in buying Google Glass right away can book it on April 15 from the source link below.

Source: Google Glass


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