Following rumors that Yahoo is trying to offload its popular social bookmarking service, Delicious, many opportunistic parties have taken advantage of the chaos and come up with their own Delicious boomark importers. Google has joined in the fray in a bid to market its own Google bookmarks as a safe haven. Read On.

A few months earlier, Yahoo sent their users scrambling to save their precious collection of bookmarks  when a leaked slide classified Delicious, a social bookmarking site, as "Sunsetting". This probably means "selling" in Yahoo-speak, users take that literally as closing down.

While there have been many bookmark migration offerings from users, Google has stepped in with its Delicious bookmark migration tool. The search engine giant hopes to make the switch easier for users and boost its user base with its Google Bookmarks.

Meantime, Yahoo has been unable to find a buyer for its Delicious site while Google attempts to steal a few bites from the cookie. Mmm, delicious.

Source: TechCrunch