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Google’s All Access music streaming service coming to IOS in weeks


Google has announced that its new music streaming service that was unveiled at I/O, All Access, will be coming to iOS in just a few weeks. Considering the positive reviews the service has been getting, iOS users have reason to be excited.

Google’s Sundar Pichai continues to drop a lot of major news in his interview at the D11 conference.  First it was the Google Edition of the HTC One, then the confirmation that the Nexus program continues to live on, and now that Google Play Music All Access will be coming to iOS in the coming weeks.


Google unveiled All Access at their I/O event as their own Spotify and Rdio competitor. It gives you the ability to stream music wherever you are, and also comes packed with a few smart features to help you discover new music. The service was priced at I/O at $9.99 a month, which is in line with other offerings.

Google has never been shy about offering many of their services on Apple’s iOS platform, and for good reason too. If you want your service to reach as many potential customers as possible, then it definitely helps to have a user-base like the one Apple has on your side.

Pichai says that the goal is to be “universally accessible” and re-iterated that they’re willing to support any platform that has a lot of users; which could be a subtle justification on why you may not see the service available for Windows Phone. That remains to be seen though, as all that is confirmed right now is that an iOS version is only weeks away.

Via: Engadget

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