Google Excutive Chairman Eric Schmidt and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson are confirmed for a trip to North Korea next week, although the delegates’ objectives in the secluded portion of Korea are unknown.

You know Google is serious about making its mark on every part of the world when one of its executives, Eric Schmidt, wants to go to North Korea.  According to a report from Yahoo, Schmidt and the former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and a few ‘staff’ members will be visiting the secluded portion of Korea for unconfirmed purposes.

Schmidt’s objective for visiting North Korea is unclear, but according to sources familiar with the matter, it will be some type of ‘humanitarian’ mission.  Although, it’s certainly not out of the question that there may be some sort of ‘Googlism’ that will take place to build the search engine’s brand even more.

The U.S. State Department insisted that Schmidt’s visit to North Korea is not timely, because of rising tension between North Korea and various world factions over North Korea’s recent rocket launching.

Before departing for North Korea, Richardson will hold a press conference at the Beijing airport on Thursday.  However, no media group(s) will accompany the private group of delegates on their humanitarian mission.  Speculators are proposing that part of the mission will involve Richardson seeking the release a Korean-American tour guide who has been detained in North Korea since last year.

There are political implications on Richardson’s mission in North Korea, but Schmidt’s reason for tagging along is unclear.  Be it Google brain washing or just travelling out of curiosity, Schmidt’s name is linked with Google and one can only guess that there has to be some sort of business to be accomplished in North Korea.