Google Chrome

The new beta version of Google’s Chrome web browser boasts improved speed and HTML5 features including geolocation APIs and drag-and-drop. It also comes with built-in Adobe Flash player for viewing flash content.

The latest beta of the Chrome browser claims improved performance as well as incorporates several HTML5 features. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows, this 5.0.375.29 beta version is first to integrate Adobe’s Flash player plug-in into the browser for better experience when viewing Flash content and applications.

On top of that, you can now save your web browser settings to your Google account and apply them to the Chrome browser on other machines when you sign into your account, making it more convenient without the need to manual configure everytime.

According to Net Applications, Google Chrome is gaining market share from 6.13% in March to 6.73% in April; Internet Explorer dropped from 60.65 in March to 59.95% in April, while Firefox has a slight gain of 24.52% in March to 24.59% in April.

Source: Net Applications, ComputerWorld