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Google’s new unified messaging named and detailed

Google's heavily rumored unified messaging app could be called 'Hangouts' and include swiping gestures.

With Google’s I/O conference drawing near, the amount of rumors and leaks are starting to increase, including those about Google’s often rumored unified messaging service.

Until now it was reported on several outlets that the service will be called ‘Babel’ and it will include some form of unified messaging similar to Apple’s iMessage. Today, more details have come out. They come from user ryan_socio on The Verge forums who has accurately leaked Google related news in the past such as the Nexus 4, the new 4.2 keyboard (including its swype-like functionality), Nexus 10 tablet, and much more. 

Leaked picture of the possible interface.


Now he is reporting that Google’s new messaging app will not be called Babel, but in fact be named ‘Hangouts’, which should be reminiscent of the Hangouts on Google+. He mentions that that the UI will of course be Holo in style, with the ability to swipe from the right to show the list of conversations. He mentioned that SMS/MMS sync is not currently being tested so it’s unsure whether or not that will be possible with the initial release, but everything else should function the way a unified messaging app should function across devices. He adds that the icon for the application will be similar the messenger icon Google currently uses, but the color will be green instead.

The closer we get to the conference the more believable the rumors are starting to become and it won’t be long before we find out the truth for ourselves. A final note is that he mentions that Gmail will also be getting a UI overhaul with similar Holo-style swiping gestures.

Source: ryan_socio

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