The list of Grand Theft Auto 5 achievements for the Xbox has been leaked online, and some of them are downright weird.


Rockstar has listed a total of 38 non-secret achievements for Grand Theft Auto 5, while 17 of those achievements are tied to GTA Online, which will be launched on October 1st. Achievements like From Beyond the Stars include collecting and returning spaceship parts, so we have to wait and see for the game to launch to figure out what that one is all about. GTA 5 is launching on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation on September 17, 2013.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will take place in a fictional setting called Los Santos. As is usual with GTA games, users can finish the game at their own pace, and can undertake one mission after another to finish the storyline or just spend time on various side missions across the city. GTA 5 is also set to come with an exhaustive list of customizations, the highlight being a vehicle customization utility.

Rockstar has yet again delivered a world with an incredible amount of detail, and one which features a whole new level of realism. Aaron Garbut, the art director for GTA 5, said that, “We’ve shot over 250,000 images and hours of video. We’ve driven all over Los Angeles and out into the surrounding desert, towns, and forests.”

Source: GTA 5 Xbox achievements