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Michael stands sentinel against the iconic Vinewood sign, one of the game's instantly recognizable landmarks.
Michael stands sentinel against the iconic Vinewood sign, one of the game’s instantly recognizable landmarks.


Right from the start, GTA V pulls you in and never lets you go. Rockstar has found a way to seamlessly blur the lines between a cinematic and gameplay experience; a trick that’s dependent on the game’s engaging plot, cinematic sequences and high production values.

The story arc is a blend of themes and plots from classic crime movies, incorporating many signature twists and elements found in action films that feature things like bank heists, shootouts, high-speed getaways, and of course blackmailing crooked agents.

Grand Theft Auto V‘s storyline breaks the mold of the single-protagonist linear structure; while the missions are in a set path, players can choose to replay them at any time as well as tackle character-specific missions. The game chronicles the paths taken by three diverse criminals who have their own personalities, styles, and roles:

The three players of GTA V (from left to right): Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and Michael de Santa.

Michael de Santa – Michael is a retired bank-robber-turned-father who spends most of his time watching movies in his villa in Los Santos and reminiscing about his glory days of heisting.

Eventually his life of affluence and leisure bore him, and his desire to return to his old life provokes a mid-life crisis of sorts. Michael’s spitfire attitude eventually lead him to a series of circumstances that plunge him back into the only life he’s ever really known: crime.

Franklin Clinton – A young rough-and-tumble gangbanger of sorts, Franklin survives by working risky jobs with his half-baked childhood friend Lamar, all of which usually end up with the two of them having to shoot their way out of a tough situation.

Franklin wants more than the odd hood-job has to offer, and isn’t satisfied with Lamar’s nickle-and-dime stunts; eventually Franklin meets Michael during a repo stint goes awry, introducing him to a new life of risky–yet rewarding–crime.

Trevor Philips – There are few words that can aptly describe Trevor; he’s lewd, crude and sadistic, and often satisfies his psychopathic urges with torture and wanton violence.

Trevor Philips is chaos incarnate, but this is precisely what makes him a valuable asset--as long as he can be controlled.
Mr. Philips of TP Industries is chaos incarnate, but this is precisely what makes him a valuable asset–as long as he can be controlled.

Trevor is a ticking time bomb, but that’s exactly why we need him, as he brings an explosive element to every job. Trevor’s fierce and unrelenting nature isn’t without its quirks–he has quite the sadistic sense of humor, often laughing like a madman as he wreaks chaos during the job.

Like it or not, Trevor and Michael go way back, and for all of his craziness he’s quite loyal. Being one of the more memorable characters, Trevor carves out a swath of fury and total havoc wherever he goes, making him the wildcard of the criminal triumvirate.

As players continue completing the tangled webwork of quests and missions, the plot thickens and becomes more layered, often revealing key points of each character’s pasts. The criminal anti-heroes all have their own lackeys and accessory followers: Michael has his family (his wife Amanda, his son Jimmy and his daughter Tracey), Franklin has his homies (his friends Lamar and Stretch), and Trevor has his “business associates” (Nervous Ron and Wade).

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