GTAV 11 Grand Theft Auto V Review

Combat can be quite explosive, as Trevor demonstrates his love for wanton chaos.

Combat & Stealth Mechanics

Combat mechanics have been refined as well to provide players with tactical advantage during dangerous firefights. When the bullets start flying, its best to take cover with RB to avoid getting shot. Unless you’re using Trevor’s special ability or have high Strength, it doesn’t take very much to get killed in GTA V, especially if the enemies are using certain weapons like shotguns.

Making strategic use of cover can be the difference between life and death, and you can practically use anything as cover; a wall, barricade, a car, dumpster–as long as its solid, you can use it. The cover mode automatically snaps a player to the nearest protective fortification, and players return to cover after they’ve returned fire. Firearms can be purchased at Ammu Nation stores across Los Santos, all of which are cusotmizable with scopes and suppressors which improve the weapon’s overall stats.

Now gamers can equip more than one type of weapon in each slot, which is a helpful feature to say the least. To improve your Shooting stat, you can always visit an Ammu Nation shooting range, and getting certain scores in all of the challenges unlocks a discount on future purchases.

GTAV 10 Grand Theft Auto V Review

Just about every mission has some instances of combat, whether its a quick snatch-and-grab pictured above or an all-out gun battle.

The weapon wheel has six slots–that is six types of weapon–and each slot can hold multiples. Stopping by your local gunstore and stocking up can lead to some pretty interesting results during your next mission, especially if you get creative and use certain guns in tandem.

For gamers who prefer flexing their Metal Gear Solid muscles, GTA V also has a new Stealth Mode. Certain missions require you to sneak up on enemies, and there are many advantages of using stealth: if you catch them off guard you won’t get reinforcements gunning you down, and the cops won’t usually show up either. The only trade off is that using Stealth Mode is slow and steady and thus requires patience.

Additionally enemies are sometimes unpredictable and can turn around abruptly, but if you’re using the cover function to hide behind objects you should be fine. Stealth Mode also reduces the noise you make, as general footsteps and running will alert nearby enemies.

Gamers can also shoot out nearby lights Splinter Cell-style in order to hide themselves or dead bodies from the prying eyes of guards, which opens up quite a bit of tactical advantage.

GTAV 9 Grand Theft Auto V Review

The grenade launcher is handy for creating fiery havoc and reducing enemies to charred smoke.


GTA V is punctuated by a vast webwork of missions, many of which weave in and out of each character’s respective paths. How the missions are handled, the objectives they entail and where they take place are determined by which character is taking part.

Franklin’s missions, for example, often take place with his homie Lamar in a series of ill-fated stints, whereas many of Trevor’s missions take place near his trailer in Sandy Shores. You’ll get rated upon completion of every job and quest, with an aggregate score based on your performance and pre-set modifiers, and there are three grades: bronze, silver and gold.

Heists are bigger in scope and aren’t as simple as driving to a certain checkpoint; these escapades have to be planned and prepared. Before the heist can begin, players must pick their team and select the method it’ll go down: usually the choices are “loud and stupid” or “quite and smart”.

Afterwards  you’ll have to gather supplies based on which option you select, which range from specific weapons, vehicles or even chemicals–and of course you’ll have to steal them.

Heist Planning Grand Theft Auto V Review

Planning a score is a dynamic process that players get to take part in, choosing which methods as well as the crew members.

There are four main elements to any given heist, which include the preparation stage where the method of execution and crew are selected, the job itself which culminates in high-risk situations, the getaway, and finally the division of the take:

Preparation & Planning – Players get to choose how they want each job to go down, with various options that each require certain tools and crew members. Go in rough and risky, or do things with finesse and be sneaky; both ways have their own variations in requirements, risk and circumstance.

You’ll get to choose your own crew as well, and each member has their own proficiencies and skill sets.

The better a crew member is, the more they cost, and the better the job will usually be. The more you use a crew member the higher their respective skills become, so there’s an inherent balance. Basically, if you don’t pay for a quality crew, you’ll pay later when they mess up and lose their part of the take in the process.

So when you can, be sure to try to balance your team with reliable partners. Stealing/buying/attaining the proper tools for the job, whether its a pest control van, a specific set of guns, or even chemicals to knock people out.

Disguises Grand Theft Auto V Review

Often you’ll have to wear disguises while taking on those risky jobs, especially when robbery at gunpoint is a must.

Heist Proper – After everything’s set up, the heist begins and the action starts. Usually culminates in forcibly taking the score, be it gems, money or other valuables. During the heist, players switch between various characters to experience the full effect, from the grabbing of the take to the high-speed getaway.

The Getaway – Once you’re out of the bank or the store, the job isn’t over: now you have to take the money and run. Getting away from the cops is immensely fun and puts an emphasis on the thrill of crime, but it can be challenging as cars are everywhere and often you’ll have to take side-roads and shortcuts into incomplete subway tunnels to escape.

Getaways aren’t easy, as players must navigate traffic and avoid police while staying with the rest of their crew in the process.

GTAV 5 Grand Theft Auto V Review

Sportscars make great getaway autos, as they handle well and get good top speeds–both of which are must-haves when trying to lose the cops during a chase.

Dividing the Score - Once the heat has worn off and you’ve gotten away from the cops, it’s time to pay your crew. Each member takes their cut, including Lester, leaving our protagonists with their own percentages.

The remainder funds future projects–you didn’t think you’d get it all, did you? The quests, heists and jobs can be any number of combinations of driving/operating vehicles–from cars, mini-subs, helicopters and planes–to explosive firefights against dozens of baddies.

There are also some high-speed chases thrown into the mix as well, along with specific environment interactions required to complete the mission. Every heist is unique in its own way and Rockstar has made very single job a memorable and entertaining experience with a blend of pure action with emphasis on shoot-em-up and vehicle operation skills.