There’s Grand Theft Auto V, and then there’s everything else.


It’s official: Grand Theft Auto V is a big deal in the United Kingdom. Rockstar’s opus has destroyed everything in its path to become the fastest selling game in the country during launch week. The previous record holder was Call of Duty: Black Ops, which shifted around 2 million copies in the same time-frame. GTA V though, has sold around a quarter of a million more units, bringing the total up to a staggering 2.25 million units. That’s more than the combined total of all the previous Grand Theft Auto games during their first week of release combined!

Here’s the kicker though. GTA V is, of course, at the number 1 spot in the chart, but the remaining 9 games in the top 10 account for just 4% of all sales! According to Chart-Track, it’s “hard to imagine a week where one title has been so dominant or perhaps ever will.” As a side note, the split between Xbox 360 and PS3 sales is 57% to 43%.

The British aren’t the only ones who are throwing money indiscriminately in Rockstar’s general direction though. The game has already raked in over 1 billion dollars in revenue worldwide. With the GTA hype train still going full speed ahead, there’s no doubt that this figure is going to go even further up as the days roll on.

Source: Joystiq