Just moments ago, we showed you a high-resolution photo of the official Grand Theft Auto V map as leaked from a copy of Brady Games’ game guide. Because of the lack of a proper comparison, some people on our Facebook page felt it looked disappointingly small. Well, we are here to convince you of the opposite – it is delightfully big!

grand theft auto v

I looked at the Grand Theft Auto V map in detail after publishing the last article. Looking at the ‘Vinewood’ sign, I remembered a few screenshots that prominently feature the sign, so I put them together and highlighted their position on the map.

grand theft auto v iv maps comparison

Impressive, if I do say so myself. Keep in mind that Rockstar has mentioned numerous times over the past few months that GTA V has vast areas to explore indoors and underwater which aren’t shown in the map.

Also worth mentioning are these two images from Reddit users FryDay444 and estradz21 which compare the GTA V map with its predecessor.

grand theft auto v iv maps comparison


All in all, Grand Theft Auto V’s game world will be one of the biggest in history. Rockstar appears to have made good use of the record-breaking development budget allocated to the game.