Pictures of what is purportedly the green back shell of the upcoming iPhone 5C have surfaced online, backing rumors that the cheaper iPhone will be made available in a variety of colors.


While the cheaper iPhone, expected to be called the iPhone 5C, will be settling for lower-quality build materials (aka plastic) to reduce costs, a major advantage of that plastic will apparently be the option to swap the back cover between multiple color versions. After pictures of the white back cover of the iPhone 5C were leaked, the same source has now come up with photos of the green shell.

The images don’t reveal anything new, but they do lend credence to rumors of Apple offering the “cheaper” iPhone in multiple color options. Colored shells like the green one you see here might put a lot of people off, but personally I feel it’s great that Apple is finally moving towards providing choice to the consumer, even if it’s just choice in what your iPhone’s back will look like.

The latest reports tout a September 10th unveil of the iPhone 5C (and the iPhone 5S); while you’re waiting for that day to arrive, be sure to check out all the pictures of the green iPhone 5C shell at the source link (warning: there are a lot of them). Do let us know what you think of Apple’s new direction in customization, down in the comments section.

Via: BGR | SourceSonny Dickson