03 300x168 GRID 2 Game review

That’s a lot of smoke for just a turn.

The long wait is finally over and the much anticipated sequel of Race Driver: GRID has been released. Does it have what it takes to satisfy the racing genre enthusiasts? Let’s find out.

Codemasters has been boasting a lot about the graphics of GRID 2. True enough, this game has visual quality in spades. The detail of the vehicles, the crowd, the surroundings – even the horizon is exceptional. Add stunning visual effects such as dynamic lighting, reflections, shades, motion blur and smoke effects and you have perhaps the best looking racing game that has ever existed. We are almost certain that there will be at least one instance that you will slam on the brakes, forfeiting the race, just to slowly stride through the stage and enjoy the scenery.

16 300x168 GRID 2 Game review

Mountain scenery.

Gamers will miss a feature of the first GRID; there is no cockpit camera. Apparently, with the level of detail of this game and the number of vehicles, Codemasters decided that designing so many cockpits was not worth the effort.

09 300x168 GRID 2 Game review

Reflections are fantastic, even though the angle is wrong.

The game will bring you to several locations of the world, as WSR will be expanding from the USA to Europe and Asia. You will get to visit the Californian coast, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Hong Kong and Dubai, just to name a few of the locations that this game currently has tracks for.

15 300x168 GRID 2 Game review

Enjoying the sunset.

You will find yourself racing into well-known racing circuits but also on the open road. Each track is exceptionally well designed and the level of background detail is astonishing. We should also note that “cutting corners” is not allowed and trying to take a shortcut while into a track will incur a penalty.

14 300x168 GRID 2 Game review

Strolling through a forest road.