Testing Setup:

Notice that testing was done on simple air-cooling with a Golden
Orb. Also notice the small fan over the GSkill Memory. These rams do get quite
warm when running over 3v, so users who are going to be running over 3v, please
have some form of active cooling for the memory.

Stability Tests:

In order to test for stability of the memory at each particular
clock speed, 3D Mark 2003, 3D Mark 2005, Doom3
and UT2004 time demos were ran for about an hour. The clocks
tabulated in our results are those that can pass these intensive tests without
crashes or errors.


We tested the memory before and after burn-ins. We used MemTest
at 3.4v to “run-in” the memory for 3 straight days. It seems
however that Gskill has already burned them in good before they were shipped
out. Results before and after burn-in were similar, unlike what we found when
we reviewed the Twinmos UTT Speed
This means no lag time for end-users, you get them straight away
at their prime conditions when you purchase them. Good going by GSkill.