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GSKill F2-80001GB So Close to 500MHz CL3-3-3-5-1T!

Well, that was like opening up a box of chocolates and I got
results which I did not expect. At just a meagre 2.3v, it was
already besting the 2GB kit:

2.4v is where the older generation of good
overclocking 512MB DDR2 Memory sticks tops off. But of course things may be
a little different with this new generation.

And things ARE different. The sticks continue to scale at 2.5v.


By now, the light spin was becoming a fast-paced disco-light
dance and I was taken into territory never ventured before. Take note that this
is at CL3-3-3-5 and 1T Timing!

Finally, before time to hit the sack after a sweet testing
session, the pair gave me a kamikaze screenshot at 499MHz CL3-3-3-5,
with 2.8v DDR2 voltage coursing through it’s veins!

That is just 1MHz short of the 500 finish
line!! And just a first test… looks like this box of chocolates has got a
lot more suprises in store!

Well to fill in a bit more details, if you look at the scaling,
it seems this pair of Memory enters its prime at 2.7v. There
is no doubt that this pair of 1GB kit scales much better with Memory voltage
than older generation of 1GB kits. I face the issue of bootup problems at 2.7v
and above, probably due to the CPU as that is where the sensitive Memory Controller
is situated. Once it boots up however, there is no issue. Perhaps it may also
be due to one missing capacitor beside the CPU core that came off as the CPU
is without it’s heat-spreader.

GSkill might have hand-picked this kit for me (If so it’s still
quite the honor!), regardless, the results are pretty spectacular. I’m trying
hard not to pimp this DFI + GSkill Combi, but it’s been a while since I’ve had
this good an overclock so have mercy on me! Alright, pimping ends here, I’m
outta the confession room and this pair is back to TIP: Testing In Progress!

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