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GTA V to launch in March, 2013 [rumor]

The car-stealing and blatant-murdering-of innocent-pedestrians video game will hit store shelves in March, 2013.  Controversial as it may seem, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto is one of the more successful video game series, and for fans, the news mean that the wait for GTA V won't last much longer.

Games Radar reports that they have seen two retailers listing the game for launch on two different dates.  The first being March 1, and the second is May 31, 2013.   For fans of the series, it’s a big sigh of relief now that they know when they’ll be able to get their next dose of free world killing spree fun.

The next installment of GTA will take place in Los Santos, a city that mirrors the limelight of Los Angeles, California.  In the story, the main character wants to pursue the “dream” of living the good life—a nice home by the beach, exotic supercars, a family, and money. 

As with every all prior releases of GTA, the main component is the money and how the main character obtains it.  And if it’s some sort of illegal activity, GTA will probably have it as a part of the core gameplay.

Spokesperson for Rockstar was quoted as saying that the next GTA will be “the largest and most ambitious game Rockstar has yet created…[and a] radical reinvention of the Grand Theft Auto universe.”

Rockstar is building up a lot of hype for the next GTA, and the rumored release dates only adds to the anticipation.  Game Informer has confirmed that GTA V will be a part of its December issue, so hopefully that's a sign that the game is nearing completion!

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