After Anonymous declared that it will launch cyber-attacks to “disrupt activities” of Guantanamo Bay, authorities at the base quickly shut down the base’s Wi-Fi as a preventative measure.

According to reports, a hundred Guantanamo prisoners went on a hunger strike because of the prison’s inhumane treatment and possible unmerited imprisonment.  So to add to prisoners' cause, on the 100th day of the strike Anonymous began their campaign.

“We stand in solidarity with the Guantanamo hunger strikers,” stated Anonymous.  “We will shut down Guantanamo.”

Anonymous’ “Operation Guantanamo” began on May 18, but currently it doesn’t seem like the group’s effort have accomplished much.

Lt Col Samuel House reported to the Associated Press that the base hasn’t experienced any “disruption,” other than the base’s own measures to keep Anonymous from entering Guantanamo’s cyber network.

The hacktivist group has taken to social media to spread awareness for their campaign by encouraging people to “twitterstorms, email bombs, and fax bombs” authorities.  Anonymous also posted numbers to various White House and military branches on the website.