With it’s latest incarnation of the IceQ II fan, and the latest AGP version of the X850XT PE, this new card once again grabs attention with the extremely pretty fansink. Look here to see how it fairs against the previous top, the ATi Radeon X800XT PE!

Hightech Information Systems (H.I.S) has been a pretty successful company in
making VGA cards, particularly the H.I.S IceQ family of cards. Come armed with
their trademark Artic Cooling ATi Sliencer, it’s introduction to the market
sometime ago, had not only shocked the market, but also, raised the bar, and
doing away for traditional and boring stock heatsink/fan combos. Here we have
the latest incarnation from H.I.S, the H.I.S X850XT Platinum Edition IceQ II

The all so pretty H.I.S X850XT P.E AGP. Does this look appealing to you? It
does so on our side…

The real Platinum Edition. Do note that H.I.S does has a non Platinum
Edition, featuring a TURBO clocked 540/1.18GHz, and only achievable via H.I.S
iTurbo software. This card, being a real P.E card, would have 540Mhz/1.18GHz
once you boot up.   


Some official specification on this card: