The ASUS Trinity surely looks like it needs a really big feast to be contented, but no, all we see on this card is a single 8-pin PCI Express power connector.

A single 8-pin PCI Express power connector is all that the Trinity needs.


One MXM containing a Radeon HD 3850 core was found on the front of the card, while the other two MXM are located beneath. All three MXM are cooled similarly.


The remaining two MXM on the underside of the ASUS Trinity.


 Getting up close and cosy with the ASUS Trinity, we finally took it apart to see what’s actually underneath these MXM.


Cooling under the core exposed! A fair amount of thermal paste is used on the core.


As we can see, the core and memory both have pretty decent contact with the cooling unit. The memory chips used on each of these MXM are by Qimonda.


The MXM naked ‘right-side’ up.


 Putting everything back together again, this is what we see from the sides.


Thermal pads are used to ensure contact between the heatsink and the memory chips.


Heat from the GPU is removed via heapipes connected to a copper base/plate which is in contact with the core.