Trademark filed for sequel to Half-Life 3 nearly a decade after the greatest PC game ever was released, and the near vapor-ware sequel makes an appearance on a Valve bug tracker. 

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An eagle eyed poster on the NeoGAF forums has provided a concrete clue to the possible confirmation of Half-Life 3’s existence: a trademark registration with the European Union’s trademark and designs registry.

The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market lists the Half-Life 3 trademark as being filed on September 29 by Casalonga & Associés, a patent and trademark firm, on behalf of Valve. Valve has yet to file for the same trademark in the United States or Canada.

ufStqXq Half Life 3 confirmed?

The patent filing doesn’t give any other details.

Shortly after on NeoGAF another user spotted Half Life 3 and Half Life 3 Core on Valve’s bug tracker. Since then these have been stripped out from the database.

imageliuf8 Half Life 3 confirmed?

Keep in mind, it has been almost a decade since Half-Life 2 has been released and nearly six years since “Episode 2″ came out. This could be a particularly mean troll by someone in Valve, or it could be that there actually is a sequel in the works.

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