Halo haters or just plain sick of the hyper Halo hype, you may still want to find out if the Xbox 360 game, Halo: Reach, is worth buying for Christmas – or worth hassling Santa Claus for one.

Microsoft sent us the Halo Reach which comes in a huge but good looking packaging. This is the Legend —wait for it – ary Edition of Halo: Reach. It is a 2 kg box, which means you need to be as strong as a Spartan warrior to heft it home.

Open up the box and you will see it split into two halves. One housing the game disc and the bonus printed contents such as Dr Halysey’s personal journal, notes, badges and a map. The other half holds the Noble Team statue slash diorama that all Halo fans lust after.

Handle the Noble Team statue with care. You will need to open up the individual weapons and place them with the respective Spartan figures.

The game disc is encased in a sleek, black box. Open it up to grab the other contents such as Dr Halysey’s personal journal that is a must-read for Halo fanatics.

There’s enough reading material and content here to help you pass the Halo Trivia Exam.

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