Nothing stops the diehard fans from turning up hours and sometimes days before the release or launch of the latest game, gadget or even movie. The pre-order release of Halo: Reach is no exception. The queue was a bit disorganised early in the morning. I believe organisers and the Mall Management was concerned with the safety of the people so the queue had to shift about slightly and in so doing some shoppers may have lost their place in the queue. Some were upset but…

A stranger stepped up and we all thought it was Mr. T from the A-Team. /queue music/ Anyway, with some support and patience from all involved the queue settled in for the remaining hours inside. It was an interesting addition to the tense morning. Strangely, Mr. T was the only person waiting in the queue that had a chair. So, the folks inside were set to wait out the remaining hours in the cool airconditioned mall.

For people waiting outside it was a different story. They were at the mercy of the blazing sun and humidity.

The queue grew to such an extent outside that it snaked out and around the front entrance way of Funan Mall.

While waiting some fans took it easy catching up on their Halo books, newspapers or music.

A hardcore Halo Fan-atic.

I wonder who ‘uncle’ is queuing for?