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Hands on with Fujitsu’s new Sandy Bridge consumer notebooks

Next up we have the Lifebook AH531 which is a larger 15.6-inch model and although it’s available with the same processors as the LH531, it will also be available with a Celeron B810 and Core i7-2620M CPU option. Note that the latter is not a quad core CPU. Although the memory limit once again is 8GB, the hard drive options have also been increased, although the range is a bit odd starting at 250GB and stretches to 500GB in terms of 5,400rpm drives, but a 320GB 7,200rpm option is also available.

This time around we get slightly more powerful graphics courtesy of Nvidia’s GeForce GT 525M which packs 96 shaders, a 600MHz core clock and a 1200MHz shader clock. This time around the memory interface is 128-bit which should take a bit better advantage of the 1GB of graphics memory. As with the LG531 the AH531 supports Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology.

The screen resolution remains the same at 1366×768 and it’s still a glossy display. The optical drive option is limited to one, a DVD writer. Connectivity has been upgraded with an ExpressCard 54 slot, although this means losing a USB port, but we’d say this is a small sacrifice. The only other notable additions include an optional UMTS/3G modem and maybe a bit more exciting an Intel N1030 Wi-Fi card which supports WiDi, although you’d have to get your own receiver at the TV end.

The overall design is similar to the LH531, although due to its larger physical size the AH531 has gained a numerical keypad. At 2.5kg the AH531 isn’t terribly heavy considering its size, but it’s about on par with other second generation Core i notebooks. The 6-cell battery is said to be good for just over five hours of usage and this time around the colour choices include black or white as far as we know. Pricing start at NT$33,800 (S$1,445) again with the Core i5-2410M.

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